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  • When U.S. Government Agencies, the Department of Defense, Defense Industrial Base Contractors and businesses need expert advice on Insider Threat Program Development and Insider Threat Risk Mitigation they call Insider Threat Defense.

  • Insider Threat Defense is your "Go To A Team" for Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services.

  • Insider Threat Defense is teaming with some of the leading Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Subject Matter Experts / Companies to help your organization mitigate the very costly and damaging threat from a "Malicious Insider".

  • Insider Threat Defense works with each of our clients to first evaluate the organizations security posture and then offers a customized Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Plan within your budget.

  • Insider Threat Defense is your "1 Stop Shop" for Insider Threat Risk Mitigation.

  • Insider Threat Defense is excited to announce that we have proven past performance in Insider Threat Program Development Training and Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services. Client Listing



Tanager  / Insider Threat Defense

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 Insider Threat Program Risk Mitigation Services




Tanager, Inc.

Small Business Leader In Insider Threat Implementation And Services

  • Tanager is a leading small business in insider threat program implementation for the U.S. Government. While many may talk about insider threat in general terms and as a conceptual problem, Tanager has implemented, operated, and performed Counterintelligence focused analysis and Information Technology solutions implementation on several U.S. Government insider threat programs since 2010.

  • The Tanager team has been active in insider threat programs since 2005, with experience implementing insider threat capabilities and solutions in over 20 U.S. Government and commercial environments.


Tanager’s Insider Threat Mitigation Services

  • Tanager offers flexible turn-key technical and programmatic solutions, utilizing the leading host-based insider threat audit and monitoring tools available. This managed service offering provides a quick and easy way for industry to leverage “U.S. government-grade” host-based audit and monitoring capabilities using a partner who has extensive hands-on experience.

  • Tanager offers a full range of insider threat mission services including, training, and insider threat program implementation services.

To learn more about Tanagers insider threat capabilities, insider threat mitigation services, and how they can help you with your insider threat risk mitigation needs, visit:

Website:  www.tanagerinc.com



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