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The purpose of this section is to provide readers with information that will raise their awareness of the Insider Threat. An organizations workforce that is more "Insider Threat Aware" will have a greater chance of protecting the organization from a Malicious Insider.



Why Do Trusted Insiders Go Bad?

The reason an Trusted Insider can turn into a Malicious Insider are countless; Life Changing Events, Financial Problems, Emotional Problems, Family Problems, Mental Problems, Lack of Job Recognition, Lack of Promotion, Poor Performance Evaluation, Pending Layoff, Termination, Hostile Work Environment, Anger / Revenge, Adventure / Thrill, Vulnerability To Blackmail (Extra-Marital Affairs, Gambling, Fraud), Compulsive And Destructive Behavior, Stealing An Organizations Information To Benefit Another Organization, Company or Country, Recruitment (Domestic, Foreign) etc.



Why Are Organizations So Vulnerable To The Insider Threat?
Insiders have already obtained a badge to access significant portions of an organization’s facilities, and a login and password to access significant amounts of an organizations data. Insiders also know what data in an organization has the most value.

Insiders attempting to commit a malicious action against the government or businesses will in most cases exploit an organizations weakest links that give them the greatest chance of success, without being caught.

Insiders in most cases know what is checked and not checked, and know when they won't be checked or challenged. Malicious Insiders are basically using the same methodology to get at the organizations data as the Malicious Outsider. The Outsider looks for a weak link or hole in the network perimeter, many times an Insider. The Insider looks for security weaknesses and exflitrates or steals the data any way they can.


Insider Threat Incidents Are Costly And Damaging

The insider threat problem is not getting better, but worse. An insider threat incident can be very costly and damaging according to recent reports, surveys and incidents. For more information see the National Insider Threat Special Interest Group Website.



If Insider Threat Awareness is integrated into an organization security culture and receives appropriate priority from senior management, there appears to be ample room for improved detection and prevention of Insider Threats. Just trying to use technology to detect and mitigate Insider Threats, will provide an organization with a false sense of security. Using Non-Malicious Insiders as Human Sensors for detecting and reporting suspicious actives of other Insiders, will greatly improve the detection and possible neutralization of Insider Threats.



Insider Threat Awareness Resources

National Insider Threat Special Interest Group - Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Website




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Data Breach Response Checklist

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